Company Profile

Leatherex Ltd is a private company founded by the Antoniades family in 1977. The main activities have been the manufacture and sale of shoes and soles that were performed in the company’s freehold premises. Since incorporation and until the early 1990’s the company had grown substantially and sales covered the local market as well as the markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Owing to big sales volumes, in 1991 the company was granted the Export business award by the Cypriot Government. In 1991, the company entered into a license agreement for the manufacture of Hush Puppies, a move that has been proven very profitable for the company.

Due to rising labor costs and the reduction of the import taxes, in 1994, the management foresaw an adverse trend for manufacturing and decided to shift its operations to importing and trading branded shoes rather than manufacturing. The import of Cat Footwear commenced in 1994 and grew significantly in the following consecutive years.  For the years 1997 to1999 Leatherex won the Cat Footwear Global Award for highest sales per capita, an award that was very significant for the future of Cat Footwear in Cyprus.

For organizational and control purposes, in 1998 the local retail business of the company comprising of eight retail shops spreading across the island was transferred to a related company Spitz General Trading Limited.

1998 was a milestone in Leatherex’s history as it signed a distribution agreement for the majority of the countries in the African Continent (except South Africa and its bordering countries) for the brands Cat Footwear, Hush Puppies, Merrell and later on Sebago and Harley Davidson  – footwear, accessories & apparel. Since 2012, we added to our distribution portfolio the brands Keds and Sperry. By 2013 we were granted the distribution in Greece for the brands Cat Footwear and Merrell and followed later on by Hush Puppies and Harley Davidson.

As the company grew substantially and sales expanded to the international market, Leatherex entered the retail industry in the local market and soon expanded to the African countries by offering franchise retail stores under the name of Leatherex.

Presently Leatherex Ltd is one of the biggest exclusive distributors of well known brands and the company’s stores have become a dominant force in the fashion industry by offering a complete range of footwear, apparel and accessories.

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