Advantages of a partnership with Leatherex

Partnering with Leatherex has many advantages. Firstly, future success is guaranteed since partnering with such strong brands and secondly, Leatherex provides a range of services without paying any royalty fees.

Check out the below sections for more information on the services provided within the franchise agreement.

Assistance in location selection
Finding the right location for the store is crucial. Therefore, Leatherex helps with this decision through our contacts with brokers. Experience has shown though, that knowledge of the local area is also very important in finding the right location so our partners should also be actively searching for the right one.
Design project
Two design models are available, which are subject to adjustments and minor changes based on customer needs. The First Design, for small stores under 120m2, sets the whole idea of the shop conception, and at the same time specifies the personalisation of each brand. This design is based on uniform furniture and each section is branded with logos and/or posters. The Second Design is for bigger stores of over 120m2 and is based on the Shop in Shop idea while keeping the unique elements of Leatherex stores in some areas such as the store front and sign, changing room and cashier area among others.
Brand package
A very careful “preparation” of the brand package is  important for every store to succeed. We offer our own name and the possibility of selling all 7 brands under one roof. Collections do not repeat and do not compete with each other.
Visual Merchandising
Merchandising instructions are provided as a guide to sales consultants and/or merchandisers, in order to present the products in the best way possible.
Advertising and marketing support
After the store opening we will remain the point of contact for all questions as well as the point of support for regular advertising campaigns, new product launches and marketing programs. During our Sales Conferences, held twice a year, the new marketing plans for each brand will be presented and each partner will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss innovations with the rest. All Leatherex stores appear on the map of our website and if wished a link can redirect to their local website.
High quality Leatherex shopping bags in 3 sizes are provided.
Variety of Products
During our Sales Conferences, held twice a year, the new collections are presented, consisting of a big variety of products. In addition to the footwear collections, we also offer apparel, accessories, shoe care products, promotional items and new POP materials. Leatherex’s team assists each partner in creating the right product mix for the right targeting of different consumer groups.
Store opening assistance
During the preparations, Leatherex will be responsible with designing the retail store based on the brands’ requirements and the partner’s needs, and will assist you in everything until the store is fully operational. Before the opening a member of our staff will arrive on site and assist your team with the preparations of the store opening. He will remain on-site until the opening.
In-store training
The right training is one of the most important factors for a successful start of your business. We ensure that our partners are fully equipped with the day-to-day operational knowledge of a store. Via our training in the areas of communication, sales and personnel management our partners will be ready to overcome any challenges that come in their way.
Personnel uniforms
We will provide you with all the necessary details for creating locally your Leatherex staff uniforms
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